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to receive maximum results, it is recommended to use all products daily or according to customer's discretion.

holy grail oil (+ mini) - for treatment of scalp and can be used daily or per your discretion, part hair into smaller sections and for each row of parted hair, take a drop of the oil and massage it onto your scalp. repeat that process for your entire head. for treatment of hair, preferably on wet/damp hair, part hair into 4 sections and put 2 - 3 drops into your palm and spread into your hair starting at the ends while working the oil through your hair to the roots. for thinning and balding areas, take 1 - 2 drops of oil and massage into those areas daily for 1 - 2 minutes. these methods apply to all hair textures and ethnicities. for beards, apply 1 -2 drops to palms and distribute evenly throughout the beard and skin. shelf life: 6 months. DO NOT EXPOSE TO DIRECT LIGHT OR SUN AND WATER. STORE IN COOL AND DARKER AREA.

quench - mist wet/damp or dry hair with quench daily, paying close attention to the ends. after hair has been misted, seal your hair with either the holy grail oil, the nourishing oil or any butter or oil of your choice. this product is great for refreshing curly hair styles such as wash and gos. proceed to style as usual. shelf life: 2 months ONLY with refrigeration. 

nourishing oil - for hair, apply oil to clean and wet/damp hair before applying leave-in conditioner to seal in moisture. then proceed to style. this oil can also be applied to hair before using styling tools to serve as a heat protector and applied to hair after styling to add sheen. for body, suggested method is to use on wet or damp skin after shower/bath to seal in moisture but can also be used on dry skin. apply liberally to entire body and allow it a few moments to soak into your skin before any contact with clothing or material. shelf life: 6 months. DO NOT EXPOSE TO DIRECT WATER OR MOISTURE, LIGHT OR SUN, STORE IN COOL AND DARKER AREA.

hair + body polish - for hair, part hair in small sections, take the polish (gloves are recommended) and scrub gently along the scalp to remove buildup and dandruff. once the entire head has been scrubbed then wash, condition, and style. for body - the polish can be used on both wet and dry skin. scoop a generous amount into your hands and gently scrub onto your body. don't forget the elbows and other rough parts. rinse and enjoy the residual oil left over to make your skin soft. be careful, the surfaces will be extra slippery after use!

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